“It is our position that the records of this organization are not subject to public records laws.” – Maria Louise

The City of Malden believes this for a non-profit setup by and exclusively run by: 1. Maria Louise – Special Assistant to the Mayor 2. Deborah Burke – Director / Strategic Planning and Community Development for the City 3. Ronald Hogan – Chief Strategy Officer of the City Funded with at least $400,000.00 of General […]

The Public Records Law Says…

Custodial Index of Records:To facilitate closure of this matter and to aid in the cooperation of the parties, I find that the School must provide Mr. Friedman with a custodial index of the records and the basis of the exemption claims for each record or each category of records. Please note that “the Supervisor may […]

Malden Public Schools MUST without delay:

Provide a custodial index of all 80,000 responsive records. “Accordingly, the School is ordered to provide Mr. Friedman with a custodial index of the records in a manner consistent with this order, the Public Records Law and its Regulations without delay. A copy of the custodial index must be provided to this office. It is […]

Is it the responsibility of a Public School District to verify and validate the educational credentials of its own administration: (Antonietta (‘Toni’) Mertz)?

The Malden Public Schools has yet again failed to provide the educational credentials of its own administration. Ms. Antonietta (‘Toni’) Mertz currently holds a position which has a minimum educational qualification of a masters degree. “Part IV: Minimum Qualifications: 1. Incumbents must have successful experience in working with culturally and linguistically diverse staff members, families […]

How far will the City of Malden go to prevent releasing Antonietta (‘Toni’) Mertz Emails? What are they hiding now?

In fact, why does Ms. Mertz have a City of Malden email account to begin with? All of the other Assistant Superintendents only have Malden Public Schools email accounts, Ms. Mertz has BOTH… The request is: “Any and all electronic mail and calendar information exclusively for the [email protected] account including any draft and any deleted […]

Arlington Releases Antonietta (‘Toni’) Mertz Records

The town of Arlington Massachusetts releases records, including email and payments spanning 2016 well into 2024 today. Ms. Mertz made over $100,000.00 in 2016-2019 from Arlington and then mysteriously the payments stopped, however the emails demonstrate that Ms. Mertz was working for Arlington at least into February 2024. All of the records released today can […]