In Malden Public Schools, when you have Budget Problems…

First: Add More Administration Positions (Managerial, not Academic);

Then: Give them More Money;

Then: Coordinate Fewer Work Hours for Them;

Then: Propose to Lay off Teachers and other In-School Union Positions, and Cut Student Facing Programs;

Finally: Complain about how unfair the Commonwealth and Chapter 70 are….

How many Assistant Superintendents have been added, as best as we can tell 3 additional Assistant Superintendents have been added over the last 2-3 years.

The School Committee took a pay raise this year, as did the City Council and the Mayor.


Highly paid administrative positions were requested for as much as a 10% increase…

Bonuses appear to have been handed out to certain MPS employees, Public Records Requests regarding these payments have been served upon Malden Public Schools.


Now we find out that these same people are expected to work the following schedule; officially from Antonietta (‘Toni’) Mertz::

There are verified reports of impending layoffs for union teachers and in-school professionals…

And then the public notice at a Budget Subcommittee meeting (4/29/2024)

Then when things get really tough, blame the state, Chapter 70 funding…