Malden Public Schools MUST without delay:

Provide a custodial index of all 80,000 responsive records. “Accordingly, the School is ordered to provide Mr. Friedman with a custodial index of the records in a manner consistent with this order, the Public Records Law and its Regulations without delay. A copy of the custodial index must be provided to this office. It is preferable to send an electronic copy of this response to this office at [email protected].”

Further, the Supervisor of Public Records found:

OpenCommonwealth’s founder, “Mr. Friedman has on the contrary, provided ample information to demonstrate that he broadly disseminates the records through his website posts and articles, and that those records concern government activity in the Malden Public Schools. Accordingly, where the records are broadly disseminated and concern actual or alleged government activity, the Supervisor is unable to relieve the School from its obligation to provide records.”

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