Does Antonietta (‘Toni’) Mertz possess the Minimum Required Masters Degree to be the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations in Malden?

Malden News Network requested Public records from the City of Malden which were provided today.

These records contain the job description for Ms. Mertz current position which states the following:

Part IV: Minimum Qualifications

2. Master’s degree in business, financial management, accounting, legal, educational leadership, or related field. 

Ms. Mertz was elevated to this position on May 3, 2021:
OpenCommonwealth has not been able to verify that Ms. Mertz has completed her Masters Degree, in one public profile, she lists her only post-bachelor achievement as a Bentley College Certificate in Accountancy. We have issued a Public Records Request with the City to Quantify her educational qualifications for her current position.